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Chef by Invitation

After culinary school in Ohio and nine years in the restaurant business working under 2-star Ivory, chef Jeff Hills, chef ( also restaurateur) Trixie O'Connor at The Greek Junction. I decided to start my own catering business. However, after a few years and finding love, stability for supporting a family was a priority. I was offered a full-time position with Dainton Baldwin and Kobie Gilbert, owner of Aaminah Roy and Zaynab Millar as their private chef. The Gilbert family has to give me the opportunity of continuing my journey in growing as a chef while taking care of their family, friends, business partners, and guests. I have also worked at numerous events, parties, and weddings. The inspiration for creating new and exciting dishes comes from the seasonal availability from local produce first and foremost; but also could include traveling, eating out, reading and sometimes just passing ideas throughout the day. That’s what keeps it fun. I’m able to explore my creativity through the art of cooking. Now with over five years of food, my passion for creating dishes and being better has never ceased. If anything, it has grown. My love for traveling has taken me all over the world and with those new experiences personally and with food. I’m always open to opportunities, collaborations, and special events whenever and wherever they might be. I love to travel and explore new adventures. Let me know if you have something coming up that I can help you.